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UCMAS.US is growing. We are looking for talented individuals with following qualities:
  • Must have great love for children and learning ability to keep updating themselves in the latest research and innovative teaching methodologies

  • Must have the ability to teach students with enthusiasm and excitement towards achieving their students' goals

  • Understands the science behind the programm and is able to motivate students to compete at international level

  • Has the self-confidence to honor teaching commitments to teach and to enforce positive influence on students

  • Is willing to bring out the best in themselves so as to enable them to bring out the best in their students

  • Must have atleast one college degree and is looking for a career in a non-traditional teaching methods

Typically, a teaching position at UCMAS demands approximately 20 hours per week, with variation based on personal preference. About 60% of available time is invested for in-class education while the balance is invested for preparatory teaching purposes.

If you enjoy working with children and have passion for teaching, then this is an opportunity for you.
If the above meets your profile, then we are anxious to speak with you. Please contact us today.