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What is UCMAS?
How does it work?
UCMAS Methodology
Where is UCMAS?

UCMAS is an after school mental arithmetic program for children between 4 and 12 years age.

UCMAS program is designed to boost brain power and stimulate young minds using abacus and mental arithmetic in a way that children find engaging and fun.

UCMAS is not just about solving complex mathematical problems using mental arithmetic. It is about instilling and boosting confidence at that early stage in life. Children start to realize that they can solve more complex problems easily, as compared to others in their age group and sometimes, much beyond their age group. It enables them to look at a mathematical problem in a different way. And teaches them to look at all problems in a different way. Giving them the foundation they need to be successful.

UCMAS program offers you the most creative and rewarding means to nurture the development of your child. It is one of the best gifts you can give to your child.

In Japanese, the abacus is called "soroban". Even with the proliferation, practicality, and affordability of pocket electronic calculators, the use of soroban is still taught in Japanese primary schools as a part of mathematics.