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The UCMAS.US team comprises of seasoned veterans with one commonality: their desire to make a difference in the life of a child. We invite you to get to know us...

Koshali Patel
About Koshali: Koshali is the Chief Operating Officer for UCMAS.US. She manages the team for its day-to-day operation and is responsible for the effective execution of the program in the United States.

Why Koshali works here: "Few years ago, I was in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and had an opportunity to see young kids study at UCMAS. I was extremely impressed to see them master the art of mental mathematics. It was like watching little mathematicians have fun while they learn. I sensed the importance of the program and have committed to help children in my community get the skills they need to excel through their life. "

Tarun Anand
About Tarun: Tarun is Center Manager for UCMAS Union City, California. Tarun has been involved with kids for several years, providing one-on-one tutoring for K-12 and GMAT students. Tarun has an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA in Finance.

Why Tarun works here: "I love working with kids. The sparkle in the eyes of a child because S/he was able to do mental math at a lighting speed makes my day. Working at UCMAS helps me make “the” difference in the life of so many kids that it is worth all my effort."

Mayuri Shukla
About Mayuri: By profession, Mayuri is a software engineer. She has an degree in Computer Science from Pune University, India. Besides working with software development, Mayuri has keen interest in cognitive learning and loves to work with young children.

Why Mayuri works here: "I am totally fascinated by UCMAS. It provides the foundation to a child to analyze, understand and approach the learning process in a radically different way. It gives me great pleasure to make a difference in lives of all my students. And that is a very rewarding experience."

Varsha Deodikar
About Varsha: Varsha has been a preschool teacher for last seven years in both academic and Montessori curriculum. She has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and has completed her certification in Early Childhood Studies.

Why Varsha works here: "I enjoy teaching mental arithmetic using Abacus. Seeing children blossom, and cope up with new challenges, discovering and acquiring new skills is very fulfilling and rewarding. I believe every child has talent and we should challenge them. I enjoy working with children in different, varied levels of readiness and understanding."