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Evolution is inevitable. Help your child acquire essential skills to excel through life.

Some people assume that learning mental arithmetic is merely a method to improve the speed and accuracy of calculations, for example, adding 10-digit numbers within a few seconds is, by itself, an amazing accomplishment for most young children. However, there is much more to this because when the children are learning UCMAS Mental Arithmetic, they are actually also undergoing the process of developing other aspects of the mind. When the children have acquired an astonishing calculation speed, it is actually only the end result of having developed some of their mental abilities such as: concentration, observation, visualization, imagination, listening and memory.

Recent studies have shown that the abacus method of mental calculation is extremely effective in the development of the right brain. At first, this idea was only a hypothesis, but the recent development of high-tech machinery has helped provide tangible research data. According to the research, the learning and thinking process is enhanced when both sides of the brain participate in a balanced manner.

UCMAS aims to develop human intellect - through improved mind concentration and imagination - and to revolutionize the field of child education.

Key Benefits:
  • Improves Concentration: Kids are trained to be involved in different processes happening at the same time. They gradually learn how to be focused on the task in hand and ignore different kinds of distraction.
  • Improves Observation & Listening: Through training with Flash Cards (one of the mental training tools) and during solving mental math problems, kids take only a glance at the card or problem to start processing numbers. With time, this significantly enhances their observation abilities.
  • The same goes for listening since kids are trained to hear numbers only once during problem solving because numbers are not repeated. With the continuous use of active listening, kids will develop significantly-improved listening skills.
  • Improves Imagination & Visualization: Kids are challenged to start forming a virtual abacus early in the training and soon will start using this imaginary or virtual abacus in solving problems. This continuous use of imagination and visualization techniques significantly improves the kid?s skill in these two mental parameters.
  • Strengthens Memory: Kids memorize different images during their numbers training and during solving problems; they tend to memorize momentarily each image constructed on the virtual abacus after doing any arithmetic and before giving the final answer. This continuous use and training of memory significantly improve this ability especially what is known as the photographic memory.
  • Enhances Accuracy & Speed: In UCMAS one of the real challenges is time. Kids are gradually trained to give extremely accurate results in shorter and shorter times. This continuous challenge will teach kids how to optimize the use of time while staying accurate.
  • Promotes Creativity: Having developed imagination and visualization as well as memory, concentration and the other mental parameters and through the whole process of the right brain training and activation, kids will find it easier to be creative and inspired.
  • Boosts Self-Confidence: As a result of the continuous positive feedback received from parents, teachers, peers and the community as well as the exposure during the program to different audiences in demonstrations, national and international competitions, along with the improved mental abilities- kids will be given an extremely powerful boost to their self-Image and confidence that will further help them in their future challenges.
  • Lays down a Strong Foundation for Academic Achievement: Having developed all the above-mentioned parameters, it is normal for kids at UCMAS to have a very strong foundation for academic achievement and excellence.
  • Develops Astonishing Mental Arithmetic Abilities: This is a very natural end result for UCMAS, since kids will deal with numbers in a smooth and entertaining way. Usually kids will be able to solve arithmetic problems mentally faster than a calculator! It is worth mentioning here that UCMAS is not a mathematics drilling program. Children are not drilled with repetitive ongoing exercises. UCMAS is designed to teach young learners a skill ? one that will stay with them forever.

More than 80% of humans have more developed left brain.
Human right brain has "high speed and high capacity memory".