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What is UCMAS?
How does it work?
UCMAS Methodology
UCMAS has been operating worldwide for many years and is now in the United States.

UCMAS is an internationally recognized programme and is the only programme that is approved and certified by two major Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Institutes: The Chinese Utility Abacus Research Society of Taiwan, and Taiwan Mental Arithmetic Association.

UCMAS is an after school program though various education institutions have initiated its consideration as an option to enhance positive results for their students. Internationally, UCMAS program and training methodology has been accepted by the Ministry of Education in Malaysia and is implemented as part of its school curriculum. With 18 years and establishment in over 40 countries, UCMAS helps our future generations attain and nurture their competitive edge.

Besides the United States, UCMAS today operates in the following countries:
UCMAS in United States follows the same syllabus as is followed by other UCMAS centers all over the world. Click here for location of our current centers in the United States.