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»Our Programme » Frequently Asked Questions UCMAS is quite different from other programs.   One reason why it gives noticeably distinguished results...   enroll your child today!
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Frequently Asked Questions
  1. I do not see the value of mental arithmetic; Children are allowed to use calculators now.
  2. My child is really smart when it comes to math, does S/he need UCMAS?
  3. What is the difference between UCMAS and other similar programs?
  4. What is the structure of UCMAS program?
  5. Are there any assessment tests within the program
  6. When do kids start reaping benefits?
  7. Is there an assessment for children who enroll for UCMAS Program?
  8. My child is not a native english speaker, can S/he join UCMAS?
  9. Can parents attend UCMAS classes?
  10. Would UCMAS program affect the time my child spends on school’s assignments?
  11. Would it take a lot of time to follow up on my child in UCMAS program?
  12. Should my child finish the whole UCMAS program to get the benefits?
  13. How can we measure the benefit that the child has gained from UCMAS program?
  14. My child is ahead of her/his class at UCMAS; Can S/he skip this level to the next?
  15. I saw some videos for some super-natural kids trained at UCMAS; would my child be like that?
  16. Is there a certificate for attending the UCMAS course?
  17. Can my child get an intensive course in her/his summer vacation?
  18. Would we expect regression in child’s ability for mental arithmetic after they finish the program?
  19. Can we arrange a make-up class in case my child missed his/her scheduled class?
  20. Do we need to re-register if our family takes a vacation break?
  21. Can children with learning disabilities, including Autism or Dyslexia, benefit from UCMAS?
  22. Humans use up to 10% of their brain capacity, how much more would a UCMAS child use?
  23. How can I ensure that my child will be safe until I pick her/him?
  24. What is the country of origin for UCMAS?
  25. Are the course instructors qualified? How are they trained?
  26. Is the UCMAS program applicable to grown-ups? Why or Why not?
  27. We are moving to another country; Can my child carry on her/his UCMAS training elsewhere?
  28. How would the program improve concentration, memory, imagination, etc?
  29. What are the benefits of UCMAS program?
Have a question that we missed? Please contact us. We will be glad to answer it for you.